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MTV present “Road Rules Real World Challenge- Fresh Meat 2″

A competitive game orientated reality TV show where existing Road Rules Series Champs are paired with rookie but attitude filled twenty something year olds for a series of point accruing physical challenges. Every challenge is preluding to the ultimate prize purse of $50,000 where the teams have to work together and negotiate ego’s to outsmart their competitors. All while living in a “Big Brother” style luxury share house constantly under the video camera 24/7.
Naturally the teams comprise of the most clashing personalities and everything from back-stabbing game play too bed swapping evenings in the house takes place.. What did we have to do with this.. Glad you asked?
Build a 200ft human Slip’n’Slide with a super kicker at the bottom into a lake 20ft above the water. Objective : To shoot a human being as far possible into the lake Result: Achieved !
(subjects being MTV Real World contestants)
This ramp compiled one part of the challenge. Blindfolded until seconds before they slid down sight unseen! They then had to memorize a Tetris style puzzle and recreate it on-shore after swimming back from launching off the ramp.. Glad we did not have to compete is all I can say, but we did test it!
This ramp was constructed, filmed and deconstructed in a filming allocated window of 8 days due to its location and permits required. For the shoot it was lined with old fashion kitchen floor linoleum and gallons and gallons on enviro/fish friendly vegetable oil..Slippery is an understatement! Due to owning rights I do not have photo’s for your enjoyment on filming day but let me assure you the results were spectacular.

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