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About us

Yes, What are we about?

In a nutshell, we build Bike,Skate,Snow,Wake,Scooter and if we really have too RollerBlade ramps for competition, leisure or business. From permanent downhill Mountain Bike Park Trails to ‘one off’ special events we have and can do it all. We are a devoted team of Trade Qualified Carpenter’s with one of us having a sound engineering/metal fab background and another a keen eye for design/marketing and innovation, while the third has machine and heavy equipment operation dialed, we have all basis covered.

Originating from Australia and Sweden we are little more than a bunch of friends who grew up riding bmx,moto,wakeboarding,snowboarding and surfing. Building our own jumps and ramps until our hearts were content. Well.. maybe I lie a little, we are still building them… so quite possibly you could say our hearts are still a little empty, but it keeps us going on the devoted path we have so far travelled. 

We are adaptive to your needs as understandably every transition/location and event or purpose is different. I would like to put forward the notion we are an open-minded youthful company and not pre-conceived from everything and anything we have done before. There is nothing more motivating than creating an idea that has been brainstorming for months in the designer’s head. To quote the line we all know “Build It and They Will Come”.

We have played with all materials from Wood, Metal, PVC tubing for wake boarding, P-Tex sheeting for snowboarding right up to 200+ft of kitchen floor linoleum to create North America’s largest slip’n’slip kicker for MTV.

Why are we global?

Because we can be, We have contacts in Australia, America, Canada, Sweden, Norway and New Zealand. With bases and tools set up in Australia, Canada and Sweden.. It’s easy and affordable for us to travel and work to make your event/park/ski resort happening with a flexible timetable. Actually fair chance we would be in your neck of woods anyway due to the fact there is good waves or some trails we want too ride. We have all been traveling since our twenties purely in the pursuit of our leisure sports, so a little work in the mix seemed the next logical step.

What to expect?

A down to earth approachable team with realistic views and perception of what can be done with a ‘can do let’s make it happen attitude’. It’s your event/idea after all, you just need us to build it for you right?. So we should work together to get it happening straight off the bat.

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